Reviews of Cedar Wisely

James Rozzi of Jazziz:

Cedar Wisely is sensitive, evocative and ultimately successful music, requiring multiple listens to fully appreciate this quintet’s vision.’  Read the full review here.

Luca Casarotti of All About Jazz -Italy:

‘…expresses an artistic personality, that of a leader, already mature and fully aware…it is rare to come across debut works so marked by such clarity of expression.’ Read the full translated review here.

Philip Ballyk of Expedition Audio:

 ‘…certainly a treasure, one I’ll have readied on my shelf.’ Read the full review here.

Glenn Astarita of All About Jazz:

‘…Clark parlays a great deal of promise throughout this ardent engagement, perhaps signaling that the best is yet to come.’ Read the full review here.

Grego Applegate Edwards of Gapplegate Music Review:

‘Cedar Wisely satisfies. It does not get overtly in-your-face as much as it gives smart and inventive expression to the musical thoughts of the participants…Not the sound of surprise as much as the sound of humanity speaking freely and eloquently. That’s what Clark and company are doing.’ Read the full review here.

Official Cedar Wisely press release from Songlines Recordings – View/Download PDF